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Lake Haruna, Haruna Fuji(榛名湖、榛名富士)
Mt.Haruna Fuji has altitude 1391m.
The distance from the foot is 300m.
There is Haruna Lake in front of Mt.Haruna Fuji.

Fantastic Lake Haruna,
Haruna Fuji
Kanto Fureai Road

Calendar of flowers surrounding Lake Haruna


◇Festivals / Events

Lake Haruna Fireworks Display(榛名湖花火大会)
Annual fireworks display on Lake Haruna held on the first of every August is the largest-scale in the northern Kanto Region. 3,000 fireworks, both on the lake and high above the sky, give you a spectacular view. Contact:Haruna Tourism Association Phone:027(374) 5111

Lake Haruna Illumination Festa(榛名湖イルミネーションフェスタ)
Approx. 550,000 light bulbs are used in the annual illumination event on Lake Haruna.
Along with sparkling surface of the lake, laser beams and fireworks display take place.
Contact:Haruna Tourism Association Phone:027(374) 5111


◇Late May
Mt. Haruna hill-climbing in Takasaki(Haruhill for short)
◇Late July
Lake Haruna Resort Triathlon in Gunma
(Harutora for short)
◇First Friday of August
A music festival starts.
◇Late August
Haruna Fruits Cup Junior Soccer Tournament
◇Late September
Lake Haruna Marathon
◇Early July to end of August
Large bass fishing event
Lake smelt season opens
◇First Friday of August
Lake Haruna Swan Boat Race
◇Mid-October to late November
Autumn foliage at its best
◇Late August
Pear Festival
◇Late January to end of February
Ice fishing / Ride a go-cart on ice


◇Haruna Jinja Shrine(榛名神社)

Haruna Jinja Shrine(榛名神社)
Haruna Jinja is said to have been built under the reign of the 31st Emperor Yomei (585-587).
The main hall, Shinto music and dance hall, Ema wooden plaque hall, Soryumon gate, Yatatesugi Japanese cedar tree to which Samurai worriers shot an arrow, and Zuishinmon gate that protects evils from entering the shrine are among those designated national Important Cultural Assets.


◇Fruit tree(果樹)

Haruna Fruits Park (榛名フルーツ団地)
Haruna is the Gunma’s number-one producers of pears and plums. Peaches, blueberries, and other fruits are also available throughout the year. Pear-picking is very popular. (Reservation is required.)
Contact:JA Hagukumi Rito Shukajo



Boat-ride, fishing, pond smelt (ボート・釣り・わかさぎ)
Lake Haruna is one of the meccas for amateur fishermen in the Kanto Region.
There are plenty of boats available for fishing and sightseeing.

Boarding point of tourist boats and fishing boats

Lake Haruna Wakuwaku Point